Behind me is infinite power
Before me is endless possibility
Around me is boundless opportunity
Why should I fear?



Reinhard Gammenthaler was born 1953 in Switzerland. During the wild and adventurous years of his youth he undertook vast trips through Europe, Arabia, Asia, North- and South-America and Africa, in search for true happiness. His quest for the deeper meaning of life was amply rewarded when he started to practice Yoga in 1979 and got in contact with his Guru Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari, an accomplished Hatha-Yogi of highest caliber, by whom he was initiated into the Tradition (Parampara) of authentic Kundalini-Yoga. He transformed into an ardent devotee of the great Shakti and spent long periods in the remote foothills of the Himalayas in the Indian part of Kashmir. There he underwent a rigorous Sadhana under the auspices of his Master, who died 1994 in a plane crash. His Guru had admonished him many times not to become a Yoga-Teacher, but a real Yogi, and so he started to teach only in the year 2002 and founded a School for traditional Hatha- or Kundalini-Yoga in his hometown Berne (Switzerland), to introduce other seekers into the intricate secrets of inner energies. In 2005 he was invited abroad for the first time, and he gave a seminar in Moldova, where he started to spread the lore of the immortal Yoga-Tradition to fellow Sadhakas. Then followed numerous workshops in Ucraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, France, Germany and Nigeria. As genuine Yoga owns a great potential for progressive realization, there might be many more such events on all continents of this globe. Reinhard Gammenthaler lives and works alone in his Yoga-Shala in Bern, where he cultivates the life of a Brahmachari just like his Guru.



Reinhard Gammenthaler, St. Petersburg (RUS) 2009 ca. 12.7 × 11.7 cm / 4.7 MB ⓒ Satcitananda Download Pdf   Reinhard Gammenthaler, St. Petersburg (RUS) 2009 ca. 9.2 × 12.7 cm / 3.9 MB ⓒ Satcitananda Download Pdf   Reinhard Gammenthaler, St. Petersburg (RUS) 2009 ca. 12.2 × 8 cm / 2.7 MB ⓒ Kira San …