At the moment there are no regular courses. Workshops at Yogahaus Oberburg will inshallah start in spring 2021.

Reinhard Gammenthaler
Leimern 13, CH-3414 Oberburg

The courses are open to everybody, regardless of age, sex, race or religion. An especially athletic, flexible constitution is not a prerequisite. A good basic health is certainly of advantage, but a physical or psychical ailment can afford a strong motivation to start the Yoga practice and set the healing-process in motion. Patients of heart diseases, high blood pressure or hernia are warned against practising certain postures and breathing exercises, until these ailments are cured or brought under control through other yogic procedures.

Before starting the practice it is wise to inform the teacher about health problems, in order to avoid complications and accidents!
Students are free to choose or change the days of their visits, which makes it possible to adapt the trainig to the personal schedule. There are no specific courses for beginners or advanced practitioners; a lesson is built up in such a way that both can profit equally. The aim is to get acquainted with basic yogic energetic exercises which in turn encourage the student to integrate Yoga practice in daily life. Before starting the exercises bowels and bladder should be cleared. No food or drink should be taken 3 – 4 hours before starting.